Photos & Videos from your Cloud Service(s) (OneDrive, Drive, DropBox, & Box)

About YOUR website.

You store your photos and videos in the directory (myWebsite) in the root of your Cloud Service(s). You create the folder names which turn into menu selections. You then perform one of the functions in the Download page, that would download these photos and videos to this website. Then anyone you give the optional username/password to could view them by visiting your website. You control what photos and videos show up on your website.

When you store new photos and videos in your Cloud Service(s), just perform an Add New Function in the Download page, and the new photos and videos will show up on your website. Your photos and videos are stored in both your Cloud Service(s) and your website so they can be quickly displayed from your website.

There is a detailed User's Guide on the Contact Page.

There is over 6GB (4,600 photos and 60 videos) in this demo website. You have full control over the size and resolution of the image files. 20 GB is available with our lowest price option.