Photos & Videos from your Cloud Service(s) (OneDrive, Drive, DropBox, & Box)

Welcome to YOUR website

The purpose of this website is to display the photos and videos you have in your Cloud Service(s).

You can rent a real website from us, that will display your photos and videos. The photos are in a gallery format with titles. The videos use a video player with a playlist.

The main problem with Cloud Services is how difficult it is to share your photos and videos with others. Also, people that view your website do not have to register for some service like Facebook. All they need is an internet connection and your website address.

You can spread your photos and videos across multiple Cloud Services, to take advantage of their free storage limits.

The PHOTOS and VIDEOS Menus can be password protected so only those people you give it to can view your photos and videos. They have been disabled for this demo site. Take a tour by following the PHOTOS and VIDEO Menus.